AI discovery and ideation workshop

Introduce and leverage AI and machine learning in your organization fast and effectively

For organizations with the ambition to adopt innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and chatbots, but struggling with defining a vision, roadmap and approach.

Get insights in this new computing paradigm
Find and define smart first experiments or projects
Hence start fast with AI and ML experiments and projects

Value Proposition

Half-day workshop

  1. By showing examples of real use cases, understand where AI and ML stand for and discover how it can be relevant for your organization
  2. Through a set of business games, discover how AI and ML can help you and your organization to become more efficient, effective and customer oriented. 
  3. Finally, by using the delaware Machine Learning Experiment Canvas, define one or more concrete experiments.

The result of this workshop is a detailed definition of one or more experiments:

  • Context and objectives
  • Business value
  • Success criteria and metrics
  • Data sources and conditions
  • Risks, assumptions and uncertainties


  • Understand where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) stand for
  • Discover how it can help your organization to become more efficient, effective and customer-oriented
  • Define and start quickly with first experiments
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AI discovery and ideation workshop

€ 5.000

Packaged consulting services:

alignment conf call preparation half-day workshop reporting meeting

delaware staffing:

workshop, facilitator, data scientist, process expert, account manager

Packaged consulting services 

Right to use IP

Excl. SW licenses

Limited to 5 mandays

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Steven Lenaerts

Steven has a strong passion for emerging technologies (e.g. IoT, AI, blockchain, AR/VR, humanoids, bots, …). He is helping many customers on how to apply these emerging technologies and assists them through their digital transformation journey. From hype to reality, make companies grow by converting the today’s buzzwords into tangible innovative solutions (bringing added value).

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