AI-assisted Data Quality as a Service

An AI-driven solution to discover ‘hidden’ data quality issues in your master data

For anyone willing to take data quality to the next level using innovative methods to identify data quality issues.

Simple to use: just submit your file to delaware
Quick: receive your response within two business days
Valuable: improved data quality resulting in higher operational efficiency and a more solid basis for digitization in your company

Value Proposition

The solution is offered as a simple service in which an Excel file is submitted to delaware. Within a timeframe of 48, hours the fully modeled output file is returned via e-mail.


Probabilistic graphical models identify relationships within data, which are translated into business rules applied to flag potentially erroneous fields.

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Pay per use

€2000 per run

1 file or Excel-sheet

No consulting mandays

Excl. packaged consulting services

Start requirements:

Excel file containing a significant amount of data sent to delaware

Contact our expert

Edel Boone

Edel Boone is the lead of the Data Management team. Started once as a traditional enterprise BI consultant, Edel has gained more than 10 years of experience in the domains of Analytics, (Master) Data Architecture and more generally Data Management. With a strong business focus, coming from his background in economics, Edel now uses this expertise as a trusted advisor for organizations that struggle with the organization and use of data. For him, the ultimate goal is to assist organizations in finding an answer to the following question: In a digitalized world, how should we organize our data and ourselves to become more data-driven and to reinforce innovation by getting the maximum out of our data?

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