brAIn App by delaware

Body Recognition & Artificial Intelligence Network

A video analysis solution for monitoring, alerting and measuring. It is aimed at companies whose employees have to wear safety equipment and/or interact with people in close proximity, e.g. shops, offices, warehouses, workshops, factories, etc.

Control the wearing of equipment and safety distances
Alert in real time according to configurable criteria
Measure in order to offer development solutions on a tangible basis

Smart Monitoring  

Monitor and implement compliance using video analysis. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the brAIn App can determine actions and behaviour of people in a space. 

Real-time alert

Receive alert in an event of non-compliance or security breach. Analyze the course of a day or a week, communicate to the entire company and adapt the solutions put in place.

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  • Customise parameters, real-time detection, issuance of alerts, update reporting & benchmarking
  • Detection of protective mask or other equipment, safety distance, number of people in a space, or presence in prohibited area
  • Alerts and notifications: sound, light, push notifications, information via a bot, Email, SMS, voice call
  • Definition of alert thresholds for respecting distances, alerting to meeting participants and selected people, multi-device
  • Identification of problem areas

brAIn App

by delaware

Pricing on request

Terms and conditions

Flexible model depending on:

  • Number of checks
  • Refresh rate
  • Individual use case

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Kenyon Phua

Kenyon Phua is a consultant at delaware Singapore with extensive deployment and roll-out experiences. He has significant project management experience providing his clients with innovative and efficient solutions to shape programmes for predicable delivery and business value. He led several MM and SAP programmes and implemented one of the first SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud in Singapore.

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