B2B Self Service Portal

Smoother collaboration for B2B organisations in supply chain between their partners

Optimise your back-office operations & deliver convenience while interacting with business partners

Reduce back-office cost of up to 30%
Improve service & transparency to B2B partners
Increased data quality & process reliability

Optimise back-office operations

delaware's B2B self-service portal is a lightweight and extendable portal for organisations that want to optimise their back-office operations. Deliver convenience while interacting with business partners. The portal enables organisations to offer a central entry point with self-service capabilities. 

Low barrier to entry

Activities include master data maintenance, for order creation and for status tracking of orders / invoices for their B2B partners. Unlike larger e-commerce platforms, this solution brings instant value with low barriers to entry.

Key features

  • Shopping cart - Sales order creation
  • Track & Trace of invoices & orders
  • Self-service of B2B partner master data

B2B Self Service Portal

On demand

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Tim Leys

Tim is a solution architect working for delaware since 2010. He is responsible for the go-to-market for the SAP development team and delivering innovative solutions on top of SAP ERP & S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo. He has a deep knowledge and hands-on expertise in these areas, allowing him to deliver solutions that bring instant value to delaware customers.

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