App Modernization Assessment

Future-proof the applications that power your business today.

Organizations owning legacy custom-built applications preparing for a modernization journey.

Determine the order of application modernizations for your entire landscape
Define the modernization scenario for each app: rehost, refactor, re-architect or rebuild
Estimate the total effort required

Value Proposition

Modernizing your organization’s application landscape and moving towards future-proof infrastructure technologies will safeguard your investments, improve security and compliance and reduce operational IT costs. Rebuilding apps on cloud-native technologies will further extend these benefits to the max, but requires additional investment. What path should your organization take? This assessment will help you identify the right one.


  • Get feedback on whether or not it makes sense to modernize your app(s)
  • Discover application-specific drivers & blockers
  • Get detailed, code-level insights into what code changes might be necessary
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App Modernization Assessment for 1 app

Onetime: €1.500

1 consulting manday

Start requirements

1 Visual Studio Pro or Enterprise license

App Modernization Roadmap for multiple apps

€1.725 - €57.750
5 – 250 apps

Incl. software license for CICD-integrated agent-based code scan free for use for 1 year in order to follow up on the status of resolving cloud blockers. (only valid for more than 5 apps)

Start requirements

1 Visual Studio Enterprise license

Contact our expert

Vincent Boer

Vincent uses his hard won experience in different fields to combine these into solutions that are designed for the future. Data driven enterprises are a main focus area of his current Azure focused expertise (IoT, ML, Bots, …), and he aims to help organizations develop their own services around these new technologies. The results are practical and manageable solutions that utilize the scalable Azure cloud platform that allows the customers to innovate and grow their own success.

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