The Self-Driven Supply Chain

Increase operational efficiency in your supply chain by automating your processes

For organizations that want to accelerate their journey towards a self-driven supply chain. 

Reduces human intervention in supply chain processes
Decreases lead time
Increases quality

Value proposition

delaware’s self-driven supply chain is a proven methodology for the detection of supply chain processes that can be automated and improved via digitization, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies. The result is a prioritized roadmap of improvement projects. The purpose is to increase operational efficiency in your supply chain processes by making your supply chain “self driven”.


A proven methodology and solution to automate supply chain processes.

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The Self-Driven Supply Chain

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Richard Seel

Combining Richard’s SAP design & delivery experience, Food & Beverage, Aerospace and Supply Chain industry knowledge, he is experienced in shaping the business and large project environments for the delivery of best-in-class SAP global solutions. These solutions are fully integrated into the way in which the business operates, ensuring that measurable and sustainable business benefit is delivered from the technology change.

With over 27 years’ experience of SAP software, Richard has been involved in the management, design and implementation of supply chain solutions for large global manufacturing organizations such as The Boeing Company, Kraft Foods International and Carlsberg.

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