Journal Entry Auto-Reversal

Auto-reverse for SOX compliance and third party accruals

For North American customers with SOX/internal control requirements for their accrual/deferral posting process, and customers with 3rd party solutions posting month end accruals that need to be reversed.

Helps to expedite month-end JEs during the critical close period
Standardizes the document reversal process of month-end accrual/deferral documents
Strengthens the process of internal control to satisfy the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley
Ensures that all references are filled in correctly when reversing documents from a third-party system

Value proposition

The auto reverse of journal entries isn’t available in the Verify General Journal Entries or Manage Journal Entries apps, nor does ‘standard’ reversal functionality address common business requirements in the areas of SOX Compliance and internal controls. Using this new program strengthens the process of internal control to satisfy the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley with a minimal level of effort. The alternative — coming up short in your compliance efforts - could be costly, time-consuming and result in unexpected inquiries or penalties.


Design automates the JE document reversal process for accruals/deferrals posted through the “Verify Journal Entries” app, or through Post Journal Entry API for 3rd Party systems

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Journal Entry Auto-Reversal

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Nigel Grillet

Nigel is a certified SAP S/4HANA Cloud consultant who leads the cloud practice for Delaware’s UK and US regions. A recognized thought leader, he has extensive experience of financial integration topics. Having worked with SAP S/4HANA Cloud on the first public version (1608), he has been involved with cloud-first projects since the very beginning. His ‘no-nonsense’ approach has resulted in many successful S/4 cloud projects, several co-innovation additions to SAP’s products, and several speaker slots at SAP conferences such as SAPPHIRE NOW. He has over 12 years of broad industry experience with companies of all sizes in the manufacturing, chemicals, food, hi-tech, life sciences and professional services. His strong accounting background allows him to work with everyone in the organization, from business expert to the CFO, delivering integrated solutions that realize both high user satisfaction and organizational efficiencies.

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