Pre-configured template solution supporting best-practice warehouse processes

FAST EWM is a pre-configured template solution supporting best-practice warehouse processes with built-in content, tools and methodologies, offering ‘out-of-the-box’ flexibility. The package is a scalable solution for midsize to large national and international companies across multiple industry sectors. We are one of SAP’s go-to SAP S/4HANA partners, have referenceable clients in over 20 industries and are a development partner for SAP S/4HANA Cloud EWM.

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Reduce operating costs
Handle larger, complex volumes of data at a faster pace
Optimise operational processes through warehouse automation

Value proposition

Warehouse optimization and automation are no longer visions for the future; businesses are embracing this technology now. However, it’s not just about moving goods from A to B: you need to integrate these systems with human resources, equipment assets and customer data. In today’s hyper competitive environment, heightened consumer demand is bringing pressure to deliver faster while operating much more cost effectively. Outdated, legacy systems could be holding you back from delivering a flexible, cost-effective warehouse operation. Enabling your warehouse operations to reach the right degree of automation is impossible without the right technology foundation.


The SAP EWM framework offers a wealth of functionality beyond core warehouse management, which includes: task prioritization and optimization, resource management, transport management, stock optimization and machine integration to support complex warehouse operations. The capability of SAP EWM has enabled customers to move beyond simply managing stock, to optimization of operational processes.

  • Reduce your operating costs through warehouse automation: increased efficiency, greater stock accuracy and faster pick cycles
  • EWM gives the capability to handle larger, complex volumes of data at a faster pace
  • Current SAP ECC WMS will not be developed or enhanced beyond its existing capabilities
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Richard Seel

Combining Richard’s SAP design & delivery experience, Food & Beverage, Aerospace and Supply Chain industry knowledge, he is experienced in shaping the business and large project environments for the delivery of best-in-class SAP global solutions. These solutions are fully integrated into the way in which the business operates, ensuring that measurable and sustainable business benefit is delivered from the technology change.

With over 27 years’ experience of SAP software, Richard has been involved in the management, design and implementation of supply chain solutions for large global manufacturing organizations such as The Boeing Company, Kraft Foods International and Carlsberg.

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