FAST-BI - Receivable & Payable

Analytical Solution for Managing Accounts Receivable and Payable

Increase the efficiency of your finance department's accounts payable and receivable management

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Fast implementation (about 6 weeks)
Reduction in data analysis time
Control of customer receipts, delays, and discounts

Platform for monitoring and analyzing cash, accounts payable and receivable data in real time, for the area of Accounts Payable and Receivable Management that need intelligent indicators to guide strategic decision-making. Developed on the SAP Analytics Cloud, FAST-BI: Receivable & Payable is fast to implement, with an average duration of 6 weeks. Created for the purpose of overseeing accounts payable and receivable, it is the ideal tool to optimize the cash management of your financial area.

The solution provides the analysis of pre-configured performance indicators such as average payment and receipt period, percentage of delay, interest and fines paid and received. From there, it is possible to control customer receipts, delays and discounts granted, mapping payments, highlighting those in overdue status and the discounts received.

Immediate gains in business processes, with rapid and modular implementation, dashboards are ready to use, with the possibility of integration with other systems. The analysis dashboards have quick data diagnosis for organizations that face problems in the management of accounts payable and receivable.

The solution allows the analysis of several performance indicators directly on the geographic map, thus facilitating the quick identification of the region that has the highest or lowest index for immediate action, whose main objective is to assist in cash management for your company's financial area, making make this process simpler, faster and more practical.

Increase your efficiency and be more assertive in a financial analysis, making decisions and creating strategies with better foundation. Information such as balance of receivables, aging of accounts payable, top 10 suppliers and comparative evolution of accounts receivable, payable and % overdue are now ready to be used.

Our product is adaptable to your database and your business rules.

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