FAST-BI - Procurement

Analytical Solution for Purchasing Management

Increase the efficiency of the purchasing department by monitoring various indicators, facilitating greater control in management and more assertive forecasts.

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Integrated solution on a single platform
Simplifies management and operation
Clear and agile analysis of the main kpi's for your company's decision making

Platform for monitoring and analyzing data in real time, developed for the area that needs intelligent indicators to guide the management process and bring efficiency in strategic decision-making, in order to leverage the existing data in your company. In just 4-6 weeks of setup and 1 week of support and training, your business will be ready to operate the purchasing area more quickly.

Developed on the SAP Analytics Cloud platform, FAST-BI - Procurement is capable of controlling out-of-stocks, tracking orders, requests and contracts, as well as comparing evaluation scores to support strategic decisions.

Immediate gains in business processes, with rapid and modular implementation, dashboards are ready to use, there is the possibility of integration with other systems. Analytics dashboards provide rapid data diagnostics for organizations facing operational expense management issues and need to immediately identify the root cause of the problem and drive results.

It is a package of analytical solutions that provide real-time monitoring of performance management in the purchasing area.

The tool offers a lead time view of the purchase flow, evolution of requisitions vs orders by group of buyers, Average Saving and amount in orders in progress, ready for immediate use and also easily customizable.

The solution presents unified data, through the main market KPIs, comparative and predictive, in navigable dashboards designed for quick visualization and agile decision-making.

This product is adaptable to your database and your business rules.

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