Analytical solution for managing your business's human resources

Increase the efficiency of the HR Management area by monitoring the evolution of turnover, absenteeism, bank control and overtime, designing the stratification of the payroll and enabling financial analyses.

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Budget planning to simulate and direct your company's results
Immediate gains in business processes
Fast, pre-configured installation

Platform for monitoring and analyzing data in real time, developed for the area of human resources management that needs to monitor the performance of results and act proactively in the management and planning of personnel to guide strategic decision-making. In just 6 weeks of setup and 1 week of support and training you can optimize your processes.

Developed on the SAP Analytics Cloud platform, FAST-BI Human Resources is capable of bringing efficiency to the area of human resources management through the creation of several simulation scenarios and also monitoring of planned vs actual.

Immediate gains in business processes, with rapid and modular implementation, dashboards are ready to use, with the possibility of integration with other systems. The analysis dashboards have quick data diagnosis for organizations facing problems in human resource management.

It is a package of analytical solutions that provide real-time monitoring of performance management in the travel management area.

The tool provides headcount information by cost center, bank hours balance, planned vs actual payroll and % turnover ready to use.

It presents unified data, through the main market KPIs, comparative and predictive, in dashboards designed for quick visualization and agile decision making.

This product is adaptable to your database and your business rules.

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