FAST 2 S/4

Companies using SAP ECC that want to lay the foundation of a future proof ERP system

for whom?

For any company using SAP ECC which is willing to lay the foundation of a future proof ERP system.


  • Project methodology
  • Templates
  • Best practices


  • Fast and cost efficient with proven project approach
  • Knowledge to boost operational excellence
  • Better informed decision making based across the complete chain

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Value Proposition

FAST 2 S/4 is a set of tools & expertise combined into an efficient script allowing you to technically migrate to S/4HANA with minimal throughput time & overhead. Our FAST 2 S/4 approach is the starting point for your optimization and innovation tracks including embedded analytics and is the way forward towards the intelligent enterprise.

Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan


120 – 250 – 700 DAYS

Excl. packaged consulting services

Configuring new embedded solutions

Roles and authorizations

Corrections in productive system


Start requirements

Package differs according size of the company (contact us for more information)

Our expert

Simon Harbour

Simon is an experienced UK Technology Lead with a focus on SAP S4, Microsoft Azure and connected technologies.

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