Digital employee engagement

Digitize your HR content processes and improve your employees HR touchpoints

for whom?

For organizations wanting to digitize their HR content processes, reinforce compliance and provide multiple HR employee touchpoints


  • Digitalization of employee files and the processes revolving around them
  • Preconfigured HR document lifecycles for Belgian legislation and GDPR compliance
  • Powerful ad-hoc and event based HR document generation capabilities


  • Easy and secure access to employee related information to all involved stakeholders
  • Best practice approach to regulatory compliance and privacy by design
  • Automated document generation and delivery based on data from multiple sources

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Value Proposition

Our solution template serves as an accelerator to digitize HR content processes. With preconfigured document lifecycles we ensure privacy by design and thanks to ready-to-use document templates for document generation the communication touch points increase in quality. Tightly integrated with SAP SuccessFactors the solution ensures information integrity and accuracy and stimulates employee self-service. Digitizing HR content processes reduces the strain on HR business partners with more than 30%.

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