S&OP business game on SAP IBP

Explore the concept and benefits of integrated business planning (IBP) in an inspiring way

For stakeholders from all departments - finance, supply chain, production, sales, IT – who want to explore the benefits of integrated planning.

Discover the benefits of SAP IBP
Explore the features and ease-of-use of SAP IBP
Get started on your SAP IBP journey

Value proposition

Playing leads to new insights. That’s why delaware developed the S&OP business game on SAP IBP. Choose a team, a character – in sales, production, supply chain, finance, etc. – and challenge your colleagues to draft the ultimate plan. In just a few hours, you’ll discover the power of integration and collaboration in the planning process, as well as the potential – and ease-of-use – of SAP IBP. Book this fun, interactive training at your premises!


This business game uncovers:

  • The importance of collaboration in the planning and budgeting process
  • The potential of SAP IBP to support value-driven S&OP and finance
  • The power of the intuitive SAP IBP Excel interface
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S&OP Business Game

£5000 fixed price for one game

No consulting mandays

Excl. packaged consulting services

Start requirements:

Half day (virtual)

2 to 4 teams (max. 16 people)

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Patrick Olthof

Supply Chain Solution Architect with 15+ years’ experience in Supply Chain Management working for large and medium-sized Food, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Life Science industries. Experienced across Strategic and Operational Supply Chain Planning Processes, like Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, Inventory Optimisation (MEIO), Manufacturing execution.

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