Demand Forecasting on Azure

Make your sales and operations process more intelligent by leveraging AI

Improve how you tackle your sales and operations process by using AI. Suitable for organisations looking to take sales and operations to the next level by putting data to work

Improved productivity and transparency, decreased TCO
Immediate results: deployed in days instead of weeks/months

Value proposition

Improve how you tackle your sales and operations process by using AI. This template includes automated model selection and retraining to have the solution grow with your business. Pre-defined dashboards in Power BI give insights in sales and model performance. To ease user adoption, we include an easy to use, easy to understand front-end in Excel, a tool which users know. The solution can run on-premises or in the cloud on Azure.


Use AI to turn your data into an added resource helping you plan production and inventory

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Packaged consulting services


Excl. SW licenses

Packaged consulting services:

  • Limited to 20 mandays
  • Right to use IP
  • 6 months limited warranty
  • Excl. maintenance
  • Excl. integration

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Simon Harbour

Having worked in the SAP industry for over 25 years, covering all things technical, Simon has seen many changes, from the early days of R/3 right through to the latest version of S/4. He started out on the customer side as one of the early UK R/3 adopters working closely with SAP and System Integrators to successfully implement followed by a period of support, following which he joined SAP. For 10 years he worked around the globe on cutting-edge implementations, hosted systems of many varieties shapes and sizes and new product introduction.

Simon has been building and delivering SAP environments using customer data centres, system integrator hosted traditional infrastructure and proprietary virtualised environments. Simon is Head of Azure and is focused on their eco-systems of SAP and Microsoft and using Azure as their only platform to host SAP.

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