delaware Integration Monitor

Gaining end-to-end insights in your integration landscape activity and performance

For organisations with an integration solution that want to enable business users for monitoring.

Increase business support for integration solutions
Track and verify your B2B documents
Real-time insight into your integration platform

Value proposition

The delaware Integration Monitor makes abstraction from the technical aspects of complex integration scenarios. This enables service desk operators and key business users without technical know-how to solve integration issues. Since these issues are, from our experience, mostly functional and can now be solved in a more efficient way. The delaware Integration Monitor is the key to opening the black box of your organization’s integration solution.


  • Insights into integration processes
  • Accessible message archive
  • Functional error handling
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Dave Bennett

Dave is Head of Development and Analytics for Delaware UK and has over 20 years’ experience working as a Digital Transformation expert. He operates as a Technical Architect who specialises in Development and Integration and is trusted advisor to Delaware’s clients on the design and deployment of innovative solutions using SAP and a wide range of complementary technologies.

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