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Body Recognition & Artificial Intelligence Network

brAIn App is a video analysis solution for monitoring, alerting and measuring. It is aimed at companies whose employees must wear safety equipment and / or which must manage spaces welcoming people (shops, offices, warehouses, workshops, factories, passageways, etc.)

Monitor the use of equipment and safety distances
Alert in real-time according to configurable criteria
Measure in order to offer development solutions on a tangible basis

Value Proposition

brAIn App: Solution for monitoring compliance with mandatory equipment and the behaviour of people in a given space. Alert, in real-time, the people who are able to impact behaviour. Ability to report and analyse on the daily or weekly execution, communicate to stakeholders and adapt the solutions put in place.

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  • Definition of parameters, real-time detection, issuance of alerts, update reporting and benchmarking
  • Detection of protective mask or other equipment, safety distance, number of people in a space, or presence in prohibited area
  • Alerts and notifications: sound, light, push notifications, information via a bot, Email, SMS, voice call
  • Definition of alert thresholds for respecting distances, alerting to meeting participants and selected people, multi-device
  • Identification of problem areas
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brAIn App by delaware

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Terms and Conditions

Flexible model depending on:

  • The number of checks
  • The refresh rate
  • Of each use case

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Brian Riddell leads our UK & US People & Organisation Service Line with responsibility for the delivery of HCM and Transformation & Adopt programmes. He has vast experience as a senior programme director helping his clients to shape programmes for predicable delivery and business value. He has led numerous HR and SAP SuccessFactors programmes, with extensive global deployment and roll-out experience, to a host of leading organisations in the UK, Europe and USA.

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