Securing SAP System

Protect sensitive assets in SAP systems with Microsoft Azure Cyber Security

Using Microsoft Azure Cyber security components and our specialised services, it is now possible to control and mitigate data leaks events for SAP customers looking to offer highly reliable environments.

Set up a robust security network against cyber attacks
Efficient data management, authentication, and access to resources
Automatically record, review and inspect events trying to identify abnormal behaviours

Value Proposition

With confidential workloads in the cloud, it is normal to deal with these situations:

  • The complexity of SAP platform security?
  • A possible migration or current use of sensitive information in the Cloud?

The world is constantly digitising. The decentralisation of sensitive information and migration to the cloud is a reality for so many organisations, so the growing record of events and incidents of data leaks results in the constant global need to mitigate threats and improve cybersecurity in SAP systems.

Our solution reinforces the correct use and control of sensitive assets for the business in a continuous and automated way through defined processes for efficient data management, authentication, and access to resources in SAP and the cloud, supporting and using Microsoft Azure security features and best practices.


  • Ensure secure access to your systems' data and assets. Understanding that data in ERP systems must be protected from the inside as if it were outside the Internet.
  • Record, review and inspect events to identify abnormal behaviour in the different SAP and Azure services.
  • Ensure visibility, accurate analysis, orchestration, and automation to keep up with cyberattacks.

Ad-hoc Protecting SAP with Azure

Managed delaware security services

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Package consulting services
  • Complete security baseline design for your SAP systems (Full findings document+implementation+best practices)
  • Basic settings for identity and data management, labeling, DLP and basic scheme for advanced information protection settings based in Microsoft Defender and Sentinel
    Comprehensive scanning and detection based on real reports of components and services

Protecting SAP: 3 day workshop

Protecting SAP (on-premise or hosted on Azure)

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  • Protecting SAP systems (on-premise or hosted on Azure) using the power of Microsoft Cloud based security. Protecting SAP systems is challenging.
  • During the workshops our experts will asses the current level of protection of your SAP ERP system, identify weaknesses in your ERP landscape and create a plan increase the level of protection on short term and on the long term.


Day 1: Getting to know the landscape, challenges of today and vision towards the future.

Day 2: In-depth sessions

Day 3: Presenting strengths and weaknesses together with a short term actionable plan and a long term guidance

Contact our expert

Uma Ramadugu

Uma is an SAP BASIS specialist with 15 years of experience managing projects, including security, sizing, implementation, and more. He has been through multiple critical production environments with strong technical, organisational skills and in-depth knowledge of many SAP products across different OS(Windows, Linux &aix) & DB(MS SQL, Oracle, MaxDB, Sybase and HANA).

He is highly knowledgeable on SAP security and Protect4S products to boost security and reduce the overall complexity of SAP platform security across its various landscapes.

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