Low-code Organisational Governance

Low-code best practices applied to your organisation’s needs

For businesses looking for guidance in rapid low-code application development to bring their offerings to market in the shortest time possible

Kick start the digitalization process
Start with best practices immediately
Benefit from pragmatic workshops to embrace low code and enable digital transformation

Low code

We have a pragmatic approach to low code. Together with our clients, we strive to understand the business needs and processes in order to deliver the optimal guidance for adopting low code development for your projects.

Comprehensive workshop session

Upon determining the focus points, workshops will be planned and conducted with members of the project teams and various stakeholders. The discussion will revolve around whole application lifecycle management, tackling various topics your team might be confronted with when switching to a low-code development platform.

Industry Best Practices

The workshop will include ways on how you want to work with user stories to how you want to deploy. Finally, we offer experience-based best practices to ensure a successful low-code platform.

Be empowered with low-code

  • Get started with a low-code platform rapidly
  • Explore the benefits and sweet spots of rapid application development through low-code
  • Discover how it can help your organization become more efficient and deliver apps with fast times to market

Governance traject with workshops

On demand

A final quotation will be provided after determining the scope and focus points, and number of workshops required.

Contact our expert

Nikhil Bansal

Nikhil Bansal is a Senior Consultant at delaware Singapore. His expertise includes designing, demonstrating, implementing, upgrading and transforming output management solutions across various industries such as Insurance, Banking and Utilities.

Nikhil specialises in RPA and extending the core output management solutions into social platforms and digital distribution networks. He played decisive roles in product selection by determining the capabilities of RPA packages, executing side-by-side proofs-of-concept in the various solutions. His experience and vast knowledge deliver precise solutions to customer challenges, demonstrating strengths, weaknesses and overall capabilities across solutions.

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