Streamline organisational purchase-to-pay process

Optimise and simplify all Accounts Payable operations to improve workplace efficiency, powered by OpenText.

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Leverage discounts for early payment and avoid penalties for late payment
Master the process end-to-end
Enhanced relationship management with vendors

Invoice Management

Industry best practices

FAST-INVOICE by delaware is a pre-configured invoice management system based on the baseline SAP IM by OpenText, as delivered by SAP. It is enriched by delaware grounded in the best practices obtained during the many successful project implementations.

Invoicing made simple

  • It scans paper invoices and allows you to integrate electronic invoices.
  • It recognizes key date elements from the invoice at header and line item level.
  • It processes both PO and non-PO invoices from receiving the invoice to release for payment.
  • It reports the progress and processing history of the invoices from receiving the invoice to release for payment.
  • It checks against a list of pre-defined exceptions.
  • It offers variation in processing options, role resolution and approval levels in order to align as close as possible to the way of working.

Key Features

  • Automatic invoice data entry with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Automatic invoice posting, routing and sorting
  • Approve in preferred user interface - SAP GUI, portal, FIORI


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Limoy Mohan

Limoy is the procurement solution lead at delaware Singapore. He has a strong procure-to-pay functional background with over a decade of process consulting experience across industries helping customers re-engineer their process and implement automation. He strongly believes in adopting industry-leading and standard practices while achieving the target state.

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