FAST IoT Track & Trace

A FAST IoT Track & Trace solution for non-powered high value assets

for whom?

For organizations that want increase efficiency and gain valuable insights by tracking assets locations with maintenance-free, intelligent, low-power network trackers


  • Tracking asset location, journey & history, outdoor and indoor
  • Seamless integration with SAP
  • Configurable alerts on asset behavior


  • Insights to improve supply chain efficiency by 10%
  • Intelligent tracker events triggering back-office process actions
  • Smarter business-partner collaboration unlocking innovative business models

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Value Proposition

For organizations that actively want to improve their supply chain efficiency, the delaware FAST IoT Track & Trace solution enables tracking assets indoor and outdoor via low-power network (SigFox, LoRa and NB-IOT) trackers, constitutes the assets’ digital twin representation allowing geo fencing, roundtrip outlier detection and back-end process integration, and unlocks many other value-add scenario’s. Unlike hardware vendor tracking platforms, delaware FAST IoT Track & Trace offers a seamless integration and visualization between tracked assets and SAP processes.


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Our expert

Remco Dik

Remco started his career at delaware in 2012 with a focus on thoroughly analyzing processes across multiple domains and finding an efficient translation of these processes to SAP ERP & S/4HANA. He is strongly involved in delivering value to customers and the evolution of the FAST ENGINEER & FAST IoT Track & Trace solutions.

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