Strategic performance indicator (SPI) dashboard

Define, monitor and effectively use SPI's as an engine for strategy execution.

For organizations willing to learn how to use a dashboard for strategy execution and continuous improvement but not willing to invest immediately in a data warehouse setup.

Easy-to-use tool to support the adoption of strategic performance indicators
Fosters organizational learning and demonstrates added value of dashboarding prior to the selection of software and systems
Provides overview of strategic projects and key performance indicators linked to strategy
Creates transparency regarding the performance of a department or team

First setup

  • 1 remote intake of KPIs and projects
  • 1 remote assistance of model settings
  • 1 remote consistency review of source data 

First run

  • 1 on-site demonstration of dashboard
  • 1 remote assistance on insights interpretation 


  • Manual copy/paste data into tool by customer
  • IP owned by delaware
  • delaware not responsible for data quality
  • Any model changes/customizations will be charged in time and material

This solution enables the monitoring of key performance indicators with low reporting frequency at strategic level.

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€8 000
Baseline price

Packaged consulting services

Dashboard only:

  • 1 professional administrator
  • 1 departmental KPI list that is included in the dashboard tool (about 15-20 KPI's)
  • 1 assisted run
  • Use of IP
  • No customization of dashboard visualization


€15 000
Baseline price

Packaged consulting services

  • Dashboard
  • Facilitation of a 2-day workshop to link KPI's to strategy


€25 000 - €40 000
Baseline price

Packaged consulting services

  • Dashboard
  • 2-day strategy workshop
  • KPI optimization (includes a redefinition of KPI's based on a review of the strategy)
  • Customization of dashboard is possible
  • Limited to 25 man days (per year)

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