Make business effective by unlocking information and making it consumable


Businesses that are looking to invest in the cloud using reusable building blocks, best practices, and pragmatic project management, for a lower total cost of ownership.


SmartLink – Enterprise API strategy is designed as a plug-and-play model with a focus on autonomous build blocks, that enables companies to connect applications and services on-premises and in the cloud. It brings business processes together with enterprise information, so business processes are consistent and scalable.

Create meaningful connections to business process
Use process templates to accelerate implementation
Implement the process independent of the system of record
Templates available for automation

SmartLink – promotes an Enterprise API strategy that is designed as a plug-and-play model with a focus on autonomous build blocks. SmartLink allows companies to move the focus from integration complexity to the enablement of business capability

SMARTLINK – Is a state-of-the-art cloud-based Integration Platform as a Service offering built on Azure. The use of Azure ensures that organizations can scale in a safe, secure fashion. The Microsoft Azure Cloud IAAS receives regular updates, automatically bringing your business the latest technologies.

Standardizing your business processes by applying Microsoft best practices, together with the business acumen of delaware, enhances your company’s operational excellence.

Unlock the business information from your system of records and enable process owners to focus on the business capability instead of the integration challenge. With SmartLink, you are creating operational excellence and business transparency.

Framework Licenses Cost

Start from € 15 K

Implementation cost

Starting from €10 K per business process

Package offering

Implementation time starting from 1 month

Contact our expert

Vincent Boer

Vincent uses his hard won experience in different fields to combine these into solutions that are designed for the future. Data driven enterprises are a main focus area of his current Azure focused expertise (IoT, ML, Bots, …), and he aims to help organizations develop their own services around these new technologies. The results are practical and manageable solutions that utilize the scalable Azure cloud platform that allows the customers to innovate and grow their own success.

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