SMART check-in

Safely welcoming your visitors

In this workflow we use Nintex to create an application form that can be used within your office/facility to securely check in visitors.

A No touch check-in
Insight into who is in the building and when
Data about visitors becomes digitally available

In this workflow we will create a sign-in form that can be used within your office/facility for visitors. This will save their information back to SharePoint for auditing purposes and present them with the option to be involved in health and safety awareness notifications.

Implementation time: 3 days

A pre-configured digital process that allows guests to check in safely without having unnecessary contact with people or objects.

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€2 500 per year

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Michel Verwijmeren

Michel Verwijmeren is a passioned consultant with a wide range of knowledge about Office 365. In his projects, he aims for solutions that best fit the customers' needs, without the need to do customization but with out-of-the-box components such as Nintex or PowerApps to extend the capability of Office 365. With his many years of experience as a trainer, Michel understands that he is not only able to transfer knowledge, but he also needs to focus adoption of Office 365 with the companies he works with and help them make their projects a success.

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