S/4HANA Proof of Value

Your personal S/4HANA trial

This solution is for existing SAP customers interested in the real value of S/4HANA and its impact on their own systems.

Experience S/4HANA benefits with your own data
Get insight into migration efforts
A no-risk, low-cost approach

The S/4HANA Proof of Value offers existing SAP customers the possibility of experiencing the benefits of SAP’s digital core in their own environments. It is built up based on a copy of the live system that is migrated in a lean way to S/4HANA. As such, it allows the old and new systems to be compared in parallel.

A copy of your live system migrated to S/4HANA in a temporary cloud environment

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2 months trial

€35 000

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Maarten Klijn

Maarten is a SAP Finance Lead Expert. He has almost 20 year of experience in implementing SAP FI and CO, and his focus is now on delivering a controlled and risk free conversion to S/4HANA, helped by the valued tooling, experience and colleagues within delaware, allowing you to reap the benefits.

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