Quick Scan: Information Management

Feasibility study on Information Management

The quick scan is used by Operation Managers and IT Managers to create a business case for optimizing the handling of documents in the context of a business driven process

Fast time to value
Knowing what's feasible and what's not
Customized and actionable advise

Implementing a information management strategy in an environment with many different systems and stakeholders could be a daunting task. A fast way to look at feasilbity and value is to use the delaware Quick Scan. The quick scan is valuable for companies with large and complex processes.

Information Management Experts from delaware will invest three days which comprise off:

  • 1st Day Three interviews with IT Management, Product Owners and IT Support
  • 2nd Day Two hour Design Thinking workshop with Operations, Customer Serivce and other front line staff
  • 3rd Day Report Out and Presentation of possibilities

Quick scan: Information Management

Free of charge*
*Qualification conditions apply
  • 3 interviews with IT related roles
  • 2 hour Design Thinking Workshop with business users
  • report out and actionable advise

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