Management Accounting Essentials

A new chapter for professionals in Management Accounting, Finance and Business

The Management Accounting Essentials curriculum addresses today’s industry skill gaps in accounting, finance, technology and analytics to help professionals maximize impact in their organizations and advance their careers.

Best in class Wiley content reflecting today's industry trends, needs and information
Cost-effective, efficient courses and materials
A valuable diploma upon completion

Continual skill revitalization is essential for professional growth in an ever-changing industry.

The MAE brings professionals together in a lifelong learning journey to elevate their skillsets in accounting, finance, technology and analytics. The succes factors of the program are offering an engaging learning environment, connecting motivated learners ans subject matter experts, fostering a community that encourages the exchange of mutual opportunities and rewarding successful learners with valuable professional credentials.

The curriculum includes 12 topics. Each topic will be discussed in a 90 minute session on Microsoft Teams with sub-exams.

1. External Financial Reporting Decisions
2. Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
3. Performance Management
4. Cost Management
5. Internal Controls
6. Technology and Analytics
7. Financial Statement Analysis
8. Corporate Finance
9. Decision Analysis
10. Investment Decisions
11. Risk Management
12. Professional Ethics

Learn from the best

Your coach and trainer Drs. Jan Kooiman CMA is currently the solution lead at delaware for the Financial Business Process Improvement and Reengineering. He is lecturer at University Leiden and at Wittenborg University Amsterdam. A professor in Financial Management.

Jan holds a Master’s in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam and is the program manager and acknowledged Subject Matter Expert of the Certified Management Accounting (CMA) program at delaware. Jan combines business experience and thought leadership with the rigor of academic discipline. He believes in a strong focus on quality and in working towards personal excellence in both hard skills (knowledge) and soft skills (creativity and integrity).

Management Accounting Essentials

  • 12 sessions on diffent topics
  • Course material and exams
  • Knowledge and skills to take your career to the next level
  • A network full of professionals in your field
  • A valuable diploma upon completion

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