CX Blogging

Blogging made easy for a content manager

Suitable for companies that care about publishing and featuring good-looking news & blog content in a flexible manner using SmartEdit.

Visually preview & edit at the same time
Plan ahead! Prepare articles upfront and define their release date
Personal customer content via the use of tags

The CX Blogging provides a content manager the tools to:

  • Create news articles in SmartEdit
  • Visually build your news article using flexible drag & drop components
  • Easily configure the flexible components without having to worry about the styling
  • Immediately preview how changes to your news article will look on different devices using the built-in preview mode

The flexible tag system allows you to:

  • Easily structure news content and create new tags on the fly
  • Plan ahead by scheduling the release of articles written in advance of their release. Choose when and where your article will be featured at which point in time in order to draw the attention of your target audience
  • Let your customers share your content on social media in 1 click
  • Drag & drop content components
  • Schedule content releases
  • Tag management
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€10 per 1 million revenue per year

  • Minimum of €2 000 a year

Implementation cost

  • €10 000

* Budget can be higher depending on requirements


Back Office & CMS Plugin

SAP License costs

Commerce Standard

  • €240 000 yearly
  • 100 000 orders

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Lion Schijvens

Lion is a lead expert for the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. He has more than 15 years of experience in implementing SAP CX and CRM solutions for many medium-sized and large companies. His ambition is to deliver solutions that enable our customers to create magical moments so they can amaze their customers.

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