CX Assortment Management

Convenience & insights for product managers on top of SAP CX Commerce

CX Assortment Management offers an extension to the standard SAP Customer Experience Commerce platform. Suitable for organizations that want to create convenience for their product managers in preparing their new product collections at the right time for the right audience.

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Simplification product management
Single point of view
Faster publishing

CX Assortment Management offers an extension to the standard SAP Customer Experience Commerce platform to provide a back office cockpit assortment management functionality offering an efficiency gain for product managers. It offers convenience & insights for product managers so they can publish faster, have a single point of view and have a clear view on the customer assortments, including:

  • A catalog for every customer
  • Clear back office overview on products and visibility to customers
  • Google alike search on customer specific product names
  • Add & deactivate products
  • Allows you to browse the website from a customer point of view
  • Fast publishing
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  • Have a clear view on the product assortment per customer and make quick adaptations
  • Need to be able to publish new assortments in a fast & efficient manner
  • Make seasonal assortments visible exactly when you want them to be
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CX Assortment Management

€10 per 1 million revenue per year

  • Minimum of €1 000 per year

Implementation cost

  • €15 000

*Budget can be higher depending on requirements


Back Office & PCM Plugin

SAP License cost

Commerce Standard

  • €240 000 yearly
  • 100 000 orders

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Lion Schijvens

Lion is a lead expert for the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. He has more than 15 years of experience in implementing SAP CX and CRM solutions for many medium-sized and large companies. His ambition is to deliver solutions that enable our customers to create magical moments so they can amaze their customers.

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