GDPR for B2B

Our approach and toolkit to have you meet the obligations imposed by GDPR

The goal of the offering is simply, for companies operating in a B2B market, to meet the GDPR obligations.

Meet the minimal obligations for GDPR any company has to meet
Assessment from legal, business process as well as IT perspective
Focus on continuous improvement instead of big bang

The goal of the offering is simply to meet the GDPR obligations. The approach is based on 6 templates that are tailored to your context: the processing activities register, the DPO selection, DPIA and procedures regarding data subjects’ rights, data breaches and consent. In 2 days of training and 6 workshops, we will teach you to use them. Throughout the entire process, you can rely on our experts for support.

  • Coaching to make you self-reliant for the GDPR
  • Combination of templates, training and consultancy services
  • Pragmatic, light-weight and cost effective
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€15 000
One-off contract

Packaged consulting services

  • 6 workshops
  • 2 days of training & support


€30 000
One-off contract

Packaged consulting services

  • 10 workshops
  • 10 days of training & support

Our references

Contact our expert

Serge Moreno

Serge has more than 30 years of experience in IT, IT audit and Information security. Over the last 20 years he had a specific focus on information security, privacy and programs to optimize risk management, IT security and privacy. As senior manager in the companies he worked for, he was involved in setting up governance for IT, defining IT architecture, working out IT vision.

Serge now uses this expertise also to assist organizations in setting up GDPR from a business perspective and translate it into pragmatic requirements that will also help the IT department to cover the requirements of privacy.

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