FAST Digital Supplier Network

Digitally connects companies to the SAP Digital Network, the largest trading platform

For organizations with (or that will soon have) SAP S/4HANA seeking a new and innovating platform to digitalize their P2P process.

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution
Increase working capital return
Speed up the procurement process
Reduce manual process steps and achieve 98% touchless invoice processing
Enforce compliance (of non-PO and PO invoices)

Value Proposition

With commerce automation over the SAP Digital Network, you can turn transaction processing with suppliers into a competitive advantage. Expedite the processing of valid invoices, enable consistent on-time payment performance, strengthen supplier relationship and lay the foundation for better cash management and working capital optimization.


  • Digital (and/or automated) transactions between buyer and supplier
  • Purchase orders, order confirmation, advanced shipping notice, notice of goods receipt, invoice and invoice status update
  • Seamless integration with SAP S/4HANA
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FAST Procurement

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Customer testimonial

Our biggest challenge is to properly guide 3500 employees through the purchasing process. Our previous system was SAP SRM, which was very outdated and poorly maintained. So, we were looking for an innovative and cost efficient successor. We decided on the FAST P2P package from delaware. The solution combines SAP Ariba and SAP Invoice Management. The deadline was tight. We had 3 to 4 months. And delaware demonstrated they really have the knowledge to get the job done. The next step is to add more users and more suppliers. And to start using more Ariba functionalities. More and more employees are spontaneously requesting access to Ariba, which in my opinion shows that it's the right choice for Stedin.

Ben Ubert - P2P specialist, Stedin

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tijn Delhaes

Tijn is our team lead and expert for the Source To Pay area off our offering. He has more than 20 years off experience in working in the S2P area. The last 10 years he main focus has been on SAP Invoice management By Open text. Over the last 4 years he added SAP Ariba to his Portfolio within delaware. His ambition is to provide our customers with a perfect solution to improve their Source 2 Pay processes, and to be a sparring partner on these processes.

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