Change Communication & Management

Getting your change message across internally while boosting user adoption

Through a series of workshops, the scope of a change project is analyzed. Suitable for companies that want to connect the dots within their organization to achieve their business goals.

Your employees are better informed
Your change is truly adopted
Your project team is fully supported

Through a series of workshops, the scope of a change project is analyzed.

  • Insights from across the organization are included through interviews
  • Key messages and branding of the change project are determined during a message house workshop
  • A detailed communication plan defines what will be communicated to whom, and when; All communication assets are created and designed
  • Pre-launch, launch and post-launch communications are sent to each target group, and the impact is measured
  • We build a change and communication plan
  • Produce sticky communication assets
  • Follow up the roll-out from a to z
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The 'Getting Ready!' package

  • €15 000 - €20 000

Packaged consulting services

  • Detailed scope definition and communication plan
  • 1,5 - 3 months throughput time


The 'Medium Change!' package

  • €30 000 - €75 000

Packaged consulting services

  • 'Getting Ready!' + assets in design + execution & support
  • 3 - 12 months throughput time


The 'Major Change!' package

  • > €75 000

Packaged consulting services

  • 'Medium Change!' + additional assets + execution & support
  • > 12 months throughput time

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Michel Verwijmeren

Michel Verwijmeren is a passioned consultant with a wide range of knowledge about Office 365. In his projects, he aims for solutions that best fit the customers' needs, without the need to do customization but with out-of-the-box components such as Nintex or PowerApps to extend the capability of Office 365. With his many years of experience as a trainer, Michel understands that he is not only able to transfer knowledge, but he also needs to focus adoption of Office 365 with the companies he works with and help them make their projects a success.

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