VR Learning Experience

Transform the way you deliver educational content by immersing learners into VR.

For any business that requires training company wide.

Scaled learning experiences.
Safe object/environment familiarization.
Learning in a low-cost repeatable environment.

Value Proposition

The VR Learning Experience application allows users to interact with a virtual learning platform. Immersive technologies motivate users to fully understand the process. Through gamification, the application motivates end users of all ages to keep learning and learn faster.

Discover the realm of opportunities that VR can open up for your company.


The solution guides the user to follow a flow and resolve the problem.

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VR Learning Experience

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Nick Thienpondt

Nick has a strong digital background and is solution lead for the Mobile, Web & IoT Team at delaware. He is responsible for the MWI team and for delivering innovative solutions to the market. His focus is on delivering mobile, web, XR (AR,VR, MR) and IoT solutions to the market, combining the right technology with the right business case.

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