The Self-Driven Supply Chain

Increase operational efficiency in your supply chain by automating your processes.

For organizations that want to accelerate their journey towards a self-driven supply chain. 

Reduces human intervention in supply chain processes
Decreases lead time
Increases quality

Value Proposition

delaware’s self-driven supply chain is a proven methodology for the detection of supply chain processes that can be automated and improved via digitization, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies. The result is a prioritized roadmap of improvement projects. The purpose is to increase operational efficiency in your supply chain processes by making your supply chain “self driven”.


A proven methodology and solution to automate supply chain processes.

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Alexander Naessens

Bringing creative ideas to life is Alexander’s mission, and state-of-the-art technologies are his tools. His vast experience in digitizing and optimizing supply chain processes and sharp insights in operational excellence and Industry 4.0 make him a coveted expert and consultant for numerous industries.

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