The Energy Hub

Make your complex industry processes energy transparent, powered by Condugo

For large industrial companies with high energy use and strong incentives for efficient and compliant energy management

Additional energy savings (and CO2 reduction) of up to 15%
Facilitate and increase the number of feasible (green) energy investments by at least 20%
Reduce the cost of complying with climate regulations by at least 50%

Value Proposition

The Energy Hub is the first commercial energy management platform adapted to the needs and complexity of industrial players. Its strength lies in its unique, graph-based and versioned metamodels that translate large volumes of energy measurements into energy flows that connect multiple installations, undergo conversions and finally feed all aspects of the production process. In this way, it offers unprecedented insights into efficiency, carbon footprint and cost allocation down to the level of individual products. Through forecasting and AI-driven tools, the Energy Hub picks the most promising technology investments and constructs cashflows not only around energy savings but also around carbon prices, flexibility and new ways of energy valorization.


The Energy Hub enables unprecedented new insights into efficiency, deviations, and cost allocation down to the product level, taking the full process chain into account.

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Energy management scan

1 week

  • Define a structured audit/gap analysis of your existing energy management and flows on site (users, integrating data/systems), onsite energy flows and distribution keys and (internal) reporting needs/overview
  • Make a plan – including cost-benefit analysis – to extend to meters and data points
  • Explore how to use our data platform with your own historical dataset

Within the scope of one week, you will gain a strategic plan for your energy management/policy and a demonstration of the value of the Energy Hub.

Subscription to energy hub

Condugo's energy management platform

  • €750 to €3000 monthly subscription fee
  • Fixed setup costs  

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Rens Bonnez

Rens is a technology advisor in the field of Mobile & Web Apps, Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR, VR or XR). He has strong interests in digitalization, innovation, AI, industry 4.0 and how it all comes together. Rens likes to get the bigger picture in a strongly evolving IT/OT landscape that's becoming more and more complex. He’s responsible within delaware for the Mobile, Web & IoT solution, turning hypes into reality.

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