The Connected Plant

Connect the plant with other systems such as ERP by leveraging the power of SAP PCo

for whom?

For any manufacturer looking for solutions to connect real-time plant information with external systems such as ERP


  • Avoiding the use of outdated production data
  • Automating manual entries by data retrieval
  • Keeping development effort low


  • Better insight into production floor
  • Increase productivity
  • Smarter planning

Value Proposition

Plant Connectivity is an integration tool that is free of charge when there is another SAP license at hand. It is a flexible lightweight tool that can be installed on any server in the system landscape to connect systems from the production environment with the enterprise systems to get insights in the production data or trigger flows if set thresholds have been reached. Leveraging these capabilities can lead to improved productivity and faster response times in planning when some unwanted phenomenon occurs.

Pricing Plan

Base Connector


€ 10 000 / year


Excl. SW licenses

Excl. consulting services

Right to use IP

6 months limited warranty

Excl. maintenance

Excl. integration

Our expert

Joery Vannieuwenhuyse

Joery has 4 years of experience working with a variety of SAP products. He likes to keep work with the latest products and technologies as well as with some niche products. In that aspect Joery has worked several times in manufacturing with products such as SAP MII and PCo. This to connect the production floor information to the ERP system or consolidate the information of both in the middle for reporting.

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