SSO for SAP Cloud Platform

Integrate SAP Cloud Platform applications into Microsoft AD using a single sign-on.

for whom?

Companies looking to improve employee efficiency by integrating SAP Cloud Platform applications into their application landscapes.



We offer a way in which employees can access SAP Cloud Platform applications branded with their company’s corporate identity.


  • EMPLOYEE EFFICIENCY: give employees one-click access to SAP Cloud Platform applications.
  • CONTROL: enable role-based access control from one central location: Active Directory.
  • SECURITY: reduce risk by minimizing bad passwords habits.  

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Value Proposition

An SSO solution for all applications deployed in SAP Cloud Platform. Boost productivity and user experience by enabling users to access enterprise applications from one location with a single set of credentials. Manage role-based access control to all SAP Cloud Platform applications from within AD.

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Pricing Plan

Add SSO to SAP Cloud Platform apps


Packaged consulting services

Kickstart project by determining requirements

Testing in dev environment

Publish changes to production 

Testing configuration

Limited to 3 man days (per year)

Start requirements

SAP Cloud Platform application (Deployed in Cloud Foundry and/or Neo)

(Azure) AD


Our expert

Arne Feys

Arne is active within delaware since 2018. During his time at delaware he has focused the operations aspect of innovative enterprise cloud applications and in particular SAP Cloud Platform.

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