Self-service Data Science Environment

Deploy an Azure data science playground in seconds by completing a simple form.

This package is for data scientists in the need of ad hoc computing resources and IT departments looking to hand over ad hoc deployment of compliant environments to data scientists.

Simple form, no Azure knowledge required
Full data science playground in seconds
No hassle
Extendable and can be modified to fit company-specific needs

Value Proposition

Employees request a datascience playground through a simple form by selecting the components they need. The requested environment is automatically deployed moments afterwards. Users receive instructions on how to connect to and use their deployed environment. 

Employees determine their own expiration date as a parameter within the web form. The environment is automatically deleted on this date, after auto sending e-mail notifications to the employee. 


  • Web portal to spin up a compliant data science environment in a few clicks.
  • Auto removal with mail notification.
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Self-service Data Science Environment


Packaged consulting services

  • Assessment of required components
  • Design of customized form
  • Implementation
  • Handover

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Joeri Maes

Coming from a traditional database administration background, Joeri is now obsessed with making your data securely available in the cloud in the highest-performing and most cost-effective way possible by leveraging the Azure Data Platform.

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