S/4HANA automated user role migration

Automate the user role migration process with SAP iRPA

This is a solution for all companies migrating to S/4HANA.

Role migration quality
Cost for role creation and mapping
Reduced time spent configuring authorizations

Value Proposition

For the end user to get the most out of S/4HANA's FIORI capabilities, authorizations must be thouroughly configured. Unlike with SAP ECC, authorizations in S/4HANA are no longer something that can be solved with a quick fix.

However, this does not mean that setting up authorizations has to be a long, labor-intensive and costly process. By automating a few steps with a SAP iRPA bot, you can enjoy all the benefits that S/4HANA and FIORI have to offer without the high costs that authorizations can entail.

*Pricing is based on the assumption that 1 catalog stands for ± 10 tiles.


  • It allows for reading authorization objects from the ECC system and translating SAP GUI transactions into FIORI applications.
  • Proposal of roles, catalogs and groups in an Excel template.
  • Creation of authorization objects in S/4HANA after manual validation of the proposal.


<50 catalogs

  • Tool usage agreement
  • Consulting mandays for implementation


<100 catalogs

  • Tool usage agreement
  • Consulting mandays for implementation


>100 catalogs

On demand
  • Tool usage agreement
  • Consulting mandays for implementation

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