Enabling optimal supply chain execution with blockchain

Increased collaboration, overall transparency and process automation in the supply chain

for whom?

Supply chain ecosystems in need of greater transparency and automation of B2B processes


delaware's hands-on approach and a blockchain-based platform template enabling digital collaboration between supply chain partners


End-to-end traceability, automation of B2B processes, no vendor lock-in and increased consumer trust

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Value Proposition

Bring unprecedented transparency and automation to B2B processes in your supply chain ecosystem with our blockchain accelerator for food companies. Learn more.

Pricing Plan

Make the case


€ 20 000


€ 5 000/supply chain partner


Packaged consulting services

Introduction sessions with key supply chain partners

Intake of business environment & current infrastructure landscape by interviews

Estimation for PoV

1 week journey

Prove the value


€ 5 000/month

4 to 6 months journey

Incl. hosting & platform

Packaged consulting services:

  • Make the case: limited to 10 mandays
  • Prove the value: excluded

Right to use IP

3 months limited warranty

Excl. integration

Excl. customization

Our expert

Frederik-Jan Roose

Frederik-Jan started his professional career as intern of the integration team of delaware. Over the past decade he grew from a technical analyst to a project manager, covering all aspects of projects whether it’s a complex programming challenge or a guaranteeing a strict timeline or budget. Currently he’s responsible for the integration solution with its 40 consultants and heading the Blockchain initiative integrating the different functional domains.

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