Quality Control, powered by Robovision

Quality control made easy through applied artificial intelligence

For operations, quality, innovation, automation managers and CIOs who want to automate and optimize their quality inspection processes.

Decrease false positives and negatives identified by your current solution in 2D and 3D monitoring.
Increase the efficiency of your quality control process at an unparalleled speed.
Benefit from a flexible platform solution that easy to scale and operationalize.

Value Proposition

Realize time gains, efficiency gains and consistent quality through automated, intelligent quality control. Compared to rule-based legacy systems, this solution speeds development time by 20-fold. Deep learning models provide amazing off-the-shelf accuracy. In a recent case, a 33% reduction in FN and a 74% reduction in FP were achieved following only 4 hours of work from start to finish. Empowered by our self-service AI platform, you can immediately start building future-proof quality control capabilities.

Discover all the opportunities that computer vision offers for quality control on delaware.ai.


  • Get standardized, consistent and enhanced human knowledge in a quality control model.
  • A quality control model trained as a POC.
  • Advice regarding an implementation roadmap.
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Quality Control

40K total price

Packaged consulting services

  • Data intake
  • 1 model development
  • Access to the platform for 6 months
  • Key user training
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Evaluation workshop

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Sven Arnauts

Sven combines his expertise and experience in performance management and artificial intelligence with his prior career as marketing manager. He assists his clients towards growing sustainable profitable businesses by managing customer value. Aside from his consulting work, Sven is a respected teacher and guest speaker at several institutes and national and international conferences.

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