Office 365 Sharebox

Adding a dashboard and governance to Microsoft Office 365 Groups and Teams

for whom?

For organizations that need organizational governance in Office 365 groups and teams-based collaboration environments


  • Single point of entry to collaborative workspaces
  • Workflow-based governance for workspace creation and lifecycle management
  • Self-service workspace capability extension


  • Increased team efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced IT operational costs through business self-service
  • Easy Office 365 groups and teams roll-out through integrated and automated governance

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Value Proposition

Office 365 ShareBox is a dashboard on top of Office 365 groups and teams, providing a single point of entry to a user’s collaborative workspaces. It is providing self-service capabilities, while at the same time enforcing organizational governance via contextualized workspaces, business rules-based workspace creation and lifecycle management. It is allowing a user to extend the Office 365 Team site with new capabilities, without the need for SharePoint expertise.

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Pricing Plan

Office 365 ShareBox


Core collaboration framework

up to 250 users: 40K€

250 – 500 users: 50K€

500 - 1.000 users: 60K€

1.000 - 3.000 users: 75K€

3.000 - 5.000 users: 100K€

+5.000 users: on demand

Packaged consulting services: 

Assessment workshops

Implementation governance workflows

Packaged consulting services

limited to 30 mandays

Right to use IP

Excl. software licenses

Excl. maintenance

Our expert

Serge Desaranno

Serge is passionate about helping companies to become more efficient, productive and competitive. He is active in the domain of information and process management as of 1994, first as a research assistant and later as a consultant, delivery and presales manager and Director. Today he is guiding companies in redesigning business processes with the use of technologies, the Office 365/SharePoint in particular.

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