Next Generation Instructions

Take instructions to the next level with a configurable AR application.

For any business environment where instructions are given to engineers or employees.

Minimal offline training hours, faster learning curve, focused learning.
Decreased (travel) costs of high-experience users, faster response times.
More trainees per supervisor, more interventions per expert.

Value Proposition

With an aging workforce reaching their pension and work instructions getting more and more complex, companies are facing quite some important challenges.

How can expertise of this aging workforce be captured and shared in a seamless way? How can they speed up the learning of new hires or easily retrain unexperienced workforce?

With our Augmented Reality application it is now possible to give you handsfree step by step visual instructions on how to execute specific tasks.

This will on the one side ensure that expertise will not get lost with your aging workforce retiring and on the other side will speed up the learning/training of new hires or unexperienced workforce.

Discover the realm of opportunities that AR can open up for your company.


Through a dynamic context-based task list, the user is guided to achieve a result and acknowledges completion. All actions are captured.

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Next Generation Instructions

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Nick Thienpondt

Nick has a strong digital background and is solution lead for the Mobile, Web & IoT Team at delaware. He is responsible for the MWI team and for delivering innovative solutions to the market. His focus is on delivering mobile, web, XR (AR,VR, MR) and IoT solutions to the market, combining the right technology with the right business case.

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