Machine Learning Enabled Forecaster

Support your sales and planning with a machine learning leveraged forecasting solution

For companies that are looking for a data driven forecasting process.

Increase delivery performance and inventory turnover with more accurate
Fast deployment and easy to use
On-premise or in the cloud

Value Proposition

Improve your forecast and you improve your delivery performance and inventory turnover. The machine learning enabled forecaster supports you through combining a machine learning enabled statistical forecasting engine on MS Azure and an intuitive, easy to use Excel front-end for reviewing forecast and measuring forecast accuracy. The template is also quickly deployed and linked to your ERP with an out-of-the-box interface (R3 - S/4).


  • Machine Learning algorithms on MS Azure predict your forecast
  • The Excel front-end supports you in qualitative input and forecast review
  • Out-of-the-box ERP integration (R3 - S/4)
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Machine Learning Enabled Forecaster Package

Standard deployment

€ 30,000
one-off/unlimited number of users

Packaged consulting services

  • Technical deployment and IP (lifelong licenses)
  • Limited to 10 mandays
    • Standard data model
    • Best practice implementation model

Typical implementation of customer specifics starts at 10 mandays T&M (workshops, implementation, training and validation)

Excl. SW licenses

Packaged consulting services:

Limited to 10 mandays

Right to use IP

6 months limited warranty

Excl. maintenance

Excl. integration

Standard installation does not include:

• Training, validation sessions and project management on custom enhancements
• Data model enhancements
• Custom reports

Our references

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Johan De Coster

Johan has been working in supply chain optimization projects for over 15 years and is a member of the SAP supply chain planning team. He has worked on challenges in scheduling, planning, forecasting and S&OP. Interested in new technologies such as AI and machine learning, he has a passion to bring the latest supply chain technologies to practice.

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