Kickstart Overal Equipment Effectiveness Management

Improve your manufacturing performance by gaining real-time insight into your OEE

This package is for organizations that want to gain insight and transparency into their manufacturing performance and that aim to improve it every day. Relevant for all production stakeholders (operators, mechanics, team leaders, shop floor personnel, production and plant managers) to monitor productivity and give focused direction in real time.

Allows the measurement of plant performance based on common sources of manufacturing data, both real time and historical.
Helps organizations gain insight into root causes of downtimes, speed losses, scrap registrations, etc.
Provides a common metric to compare line and plant performance within an organization.

Value Proposition

SAP OEE is an out-of-the-box solution within SAP MII which aims to improve manufacturing operations by providing real-time insights.


1. Ability to collect data from different types of sources:

  • digitally via the MII operator dashboard
  • automatically from machines
  • via 3rd party systems (APIs)

2. Out-of-the-box integration with SAP ERP, shop floor (SAP MII) and analytics (SAP HANA) systems.

3. Analytics and charts that focus on OEE and production loss-related KPIs. Drill down capability to perform root cause analysis of losses.


SAP MII offers the possibility to collect the data manually by the production operators via an easily configurable Production Operator Dashboard. Data of all types can be entered: production quantities, scrap/waste, downtimes, speed losses, various reason codes, setup times, material consumption, plant maintenance notifications to SAP ERP and more.


Several reports are available to give insights into manufacturing performances:

  • Real-time Production Order Report in the Production Operator Dashboard (POD) (order data; KPIs such as line availability, performance and quality; top downtimes; open downtimes; speed losses, etc.)
  • Production Order Report (all registered actions on an order)
  • Shift Report (relevant information for shift handovers)
  • Plant Report (an overview of the statuses of all production lines in a plant)

SAP MII includes a tool to make custom dashboards via drag & drop. 


  • Dashboarding

OEE dashboards are provided in which plant performance is visualized in several reports. Possibility for manufacturing registrations such as production, downtimes, speed losses, reason codes, etc.

  • Configuration

Possibility to configure a full plant hierarchy of the organization, with advanced customization and configuration of line behavior (downtime linkages, bottlenecks, custom KPIs, etc.).

  • Integration

Out-of-the-box integration with SAP ERP. Possibility to integrate with machine layer or 3rd-party systems via standard OEE services in order to get real-time data in MII OEE.


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Excl. product licenses

Packaged consulting services to enable usage of standard SAP MII OEE content (manual entry by operators) 

  • SAP MII installation
  • Basic configuration (ERP connection)         
  • FAST line configuration
  • Production Operator Dashboard (POD)
  • OEE Reports
  • FAST IT training and documentation
  • FAST Key-user instruction videos and documentation

Limited to 20 mandays

Start requirements

  • Customer has SAP ERP
  • Customer has SAP MII license 

Pilot Machine integration

Excl. product licenses

Packaged consulting services to create a template for automatic data creation

  • SAP PCo installation                                
  • Connection to virtual machine
  • Technical connection to machine layer
  • FAST OEE services
  • Connection to one pilot machine
  • FAST Training material for configuration of other lines

Limited to 15 mandays

Start requirements

  • Customer has ‘Basic OEE configuration’
  • Customer has OPC layer (preference: Kepware)

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