CX Upgrade Assessment

Assessing C/4 against the digital roadmap

for whom?

For companies who want to explore the true value of C/4 and learn how it can support their future digital transformation


  • Assessment of the as-is 
  • Assessment of the to-be
  • Identification of an MVP & budget estimation


  • Quality assessment
  • Advice on to upgrade or not to upgrade
  • Prioritization of future roadmap 

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Value Proposition

The CX Upgrade Assessment provides insights into the following questions:

  • What is the quality of the current C/4 implementation?
  • Can we leverage and benefit from a C/4 upgrade?
  • Does C/4 fit with our future digital roadmap?
  • What are the benefits and the costs for a Min. Valuable Product?

We deliver:

  • AS-IS requirements
  • TO-BE requirements
  • Prioritization
  • Scoring summary
  • Budget

Pricing Plan

C/4 Upgrade aAssessment


€ 15.000

Packaged consulting services:

Assessment workshops

Validation session

Presentation findings


Packaged consulting services: 

limited to 10 mandays

Right to use IP

Excl. SW licenses

Our expert

Christoph Bogaerts

Christoph has more than 13 years experience and has a passion for customer engagement and commerce. “We seek to create magical moments for our customers so they can amaze their own customers.”

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