A mobile application to assist field technicians in their daily operations

for whom?

For organizations that want to increase the productivity of their field technician force by reducing non-value adding time


  • Daily schedule of tasks to perform
  • Reporting of time & material
  • Creating notifications of new issues


  • Increase productivity of field technicians by 25%
  • Field technician continuously assisted on- & offline
  • Easy to adopt mobile application & fully integrated with SAP

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Value Proposition

FieldAnywhere is an essential asset for helping organizations get the most out of their field work-force. Whether on or offline, it assists field engineers on the floor and frees up extra capacity by reducing non-value adding activities. Unlike other third party tools, FieldAnywhere is fully integrated with SAP ERP and S/4HANA.

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Laura Debrock

Laura started her professional career at delaware in 2013. At the moment, she is lead expert in the service & maintenance solution. Her expertise is on SAP EAM with focus on the optimization of business processes. Laura is passionate about technology and the way technology can help business reach their ambitions.

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