FAST 2 S/4

Reap the transformational benefits of S/4 HANA ERP through our migration solution

for whom?

For any company using SAP ECC which is willing to lay the foundation of a future-proof ERP system.


Technical migration support package for S/4 HANA including tools, best practices and embedded analytics.


  • Sustain growth in evolving markets 
  •  Act quickly on emerging opportunities 
  • Benefit from informed decision-making across the supply chain

Value Proposition

FAST 2 S/4 is a set of tools and best practices combined into an efficient script, allowing you to technically migrate to S/4HANA with minimal throughput time and overhead. 

Our FAST 2 S/4 approach is the starting point for your optimization and innovation tracks, including embedded analytics, and is the way forward towards the intelligent enterprise.


Our references

Pricing Plan


120 – 250 – 700 D

Excl. packaged consulting services

Configuring new embedded solutions

Roles and authorizations

Corrections in productive system


Start requirements

Package differs according size of the company (contact us for more information)

Our expert

Pieter Lootens

Pieter has built up extensive knowledge and experience in supply chain management. He started working at delaware in September 2007, where he joined the SAP team focusing on Sales Logistics. Pieter has led projects in various industries with a focus on supply chain management.

Driven by his passion for new, value-adding technologies and products, over this past year Pieter has strongly focused on SAP S/4HANA. He follows up on the S/4HANA projects that are ongoing at delaware, both in Belgium and abroad, looking for synergies and new ways to deliver value for customers.

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