Employee Experience Roadmap

Do you have a plan in place for employee experience?

A positive employee experience has a direct impact on productivity, customer satisfaction and, in the end, on your organization's bottom line. HR, IT and marketing: it's time to develop a plan.

A clear employee experience plan for all stakeholders, across the whole employee lifecycle
Clear, data-based insights into your competitive position today in the field of employee engagement
An executable plan demonstrating measurable impacts in less than 3 months

Value Proposition

In this roadmap exercise, we bring HR, IT and marketing together to build a tangible and executable plan to embed the employee experience in the strategy and tactics of your organization. We offer industry knowledge, market insights and tactics to the table to inspire and guide you.

We provide insights relating to your 'employee experience gap' based on interviews, workshops and surveys with a representative group of people inside your company. This will give you actionable information on how your employee experience is perceived throughout your organization - and how it compares with those of your peers. This will help you prioritize your actions.

Together, we map your current technology landscape onto our Employee Experience Reference Architecture to assess the impact of the plan.


  • Proven methodology
  • An actionable plan built around true business impact and tangible results
  • A continuous improvement framework to steer the future of your employee experience strategy

Strategic Employee Experience Roadmap

Do it yourself, with delaware as your guide

Fixed price
  • Employee Experience Starter Pack, regular update meetings and guidance from a delaware expert.
  • Access to our survey database.
  • Access to our Employee Experience Reference Architecture.

Full Employee Experience Roadmap Guidance

Strategic + detailed project execution planning

6-week mission
  • Workshops, interviews and surveys to visualize and interpret the current state of the employee experience in your organization.
  • Prioritization exercise to make deicisions on where to start. Multiple criteria are part of our methodology, ensuring that the most impactful initiatives are tackled first within the budgetary and technological framework in place.
  • Definition of the continuous improvement framework that assures intermediate impact assessment and guidance throughout the program execution.

Contact our expert

Juan Staes

Juan is a partner at delaware and leads the "Shape Shifting Workforce"domain. He is passionate about intrapreneurship, the development of new business models and technological innovation. In addition, he advises strategic customers on their digital transformations, enabling them to become experience-centric organizations.

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