DevOps on SAP Cloud Platform

Enhance your software delivery process on SAP Cloud Platform

Organizations seeking to implement a fast and efficient CI/CD solution for SAP Cloud Platform development.

Enable fast product iterations
Avoid manual errors
Integrate standardized testing procedures

Value Proposition

In many organizations, it is key to develop software with short feedback cycles. To support those short cycles and to reduce errors that are inherent to fast delivery times, it is essential to surround your development and operations team with a solid DevOps framework. Responding to this need, delaware has created and developed CI/CD best practices on the Azure DevOps platform for perfect integration with SAP Cloud Platform development. The goal of our solution is to substantially ease the process of setting up continuous delivery within your project.


  • SAP Cloud Platform integration with Azure DevOps
  • Container technology for streamlined build environments
  • Advanced testing solutions
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Azure DevOps for SAP Cloud Platform


Maximum 3 consulting mandays

Excl. packaged consulting services

Start requirements:

- SAP Cloud Platform Subscription

- Azure DevOps

Our references

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Arne Feys

Arne is active within delaware since 2018. During his time at delaware he has focused the operations aspect of innovative enterprise cloud applications and in particular SAP Cloud Platform.

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